Retirement Planning Webinars – Avoid Costly Retirement Mistakes

All too often, misinformation or a lack of information can lead to costly mistakes that can derail your long-term financial goals. That is one reason why property investment webinars, real estate investing webinars, and other webinars on investment are so popular. At Fellowship Financial, we know that managing your money wisely means being knowledgeable about the options available to help you achieve your goals. That’s why we emphasize financial education with our clients. And this focus on education, is why we regularly host retirement planning webinars, on topics that include:

· Social Security Maximization webinar
· Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) webinar
· Retirement Income Investing webinar
· 401(k) & IRA webinar
· Long-Term Care webinar
· Annuity webinar
· Pension webinar

Can you shed some light on Long Term Care options?

Should I pay for my new car in a lump sum or with a loan?

Can you offer me some advice on my variable annuity?

How can I make my money last in retirement and generate some income?

Could you explain my RMD to me?

Are ETFs or individual stocks a better investment option at this stage?

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