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At Fellowship Financial Group, we strive to keep our clients informed about the issues that could impact their quality of life in retirement. Through financial education, we believe you can make better informed decisions about your financial future.

By reading our financial reports, you’ll gain access to a wealth of information that can help guide you towards the retirement you’ve always envisioned.

Whether you want to learn how to reduce your exposure to stock market risk or how fixed income investments can help you generate consistent and renewable streams of income for retirement, our financial reports are a great way to get started.

We have reports on:

  • Understanding Required Minimum Distributions
  • The Importance of Financial Defense
  • 7 Risks to Your Retirement
  • The Dangers of Investing in Bond Mutual Funds
  • Estate Planning
  • The Case for Fixed Income

Are Your Allocations Right for RMDs?

Nothing exists in a vacuum, meaning that even if you’ve determined the best time and method of taking your Social Security benefits based on your age, objectives, and lifelong earnings, it won’t matter unless you properly coordinate your benefits with your overall retirement income plan. Most people agree that Social Security is not enough to...

Understanding Required Minimum Distributions

The idea behind required minimum distributions, or RMDs, is that the government wants to give us a tax incentive to save for retirement – but they also want to make sure we don’t misuse it. So, if we’re in the 30% tax bracket and we put money into a tax deductible IRA or a 401k,...

The Importance of Strong Financial Defense

The great Alabama coach “Bear” Bryant once said, “Defense wins championships,” and you can bet every great coach in every sport has shared that same philosophy. Just think about some of the great sports dynasties, teams that won championships year after year: The Green Bay Packers under Vince Lombardi, the Boston Celtics under Red Auerbech,...

7 Risks To Your Retirement

As many Americans get ready to transition into full retirement, they don’t realize they’re crossing the threshold into a new way of living—one in which they’re vulnerable to risks that are unique to retirees. This report identifies seven steps you can take to avoid having these risks derail your plans for retirement.

10 Signs You’re Working With A True Retirement Income Specialist

Not all financial advisors are the same. And as you near retirement, the stakes are too high to work with the wrong advisor. Read this report to find out if the advisor you are working with has the specialized knowledge required to help you enjoy steady streams of income in retirement.

Bonds vs Bond Mutual Funds

Bond mutual funds carry risks, costs, and tax implications that can be significantly reduced by investing in a portfolio of individual bonds, and bond-like instruments. This report reveals the dangers that lurk in bond mutual funds—and explains how an actively managed portfolio of individual bonds can help you avoid those dangers.

The Case For Fixed Income

As more Americans are enjoying 30+ years in retirement, it’s become essential for those nearing retirement to establish renewable streams of income they can count on in retirement. This report explains how fixed-income securities can provide you with ongoing interest and dividend payments you can count on.

Estate Planning

Although estate planning can be complex, a well-constructed plan can make a big difference in what is left for your loved ones. This report explains the essentials of what you need to know to ensure you have a well-thought-out estate plan in place.

Facing Volatility

It was one of the scariest days Wall Street has seen. On March 16, 2020, the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped nearly 3,000 points—the largest single-day point decline in stock market history. This report explains how, for those invested primarily in fixed-income securities, March 16 was just another day they didn’t have to worry if...

Income Generation Report

For every American born in or before 1971, there’s a more secure, less stressful, method of providing for yourself in retirement. If you are 50 years of age or older, you’re in the home stretch to retirement and must protect what you have. The information in this report can help you do just that.

Negative Spin on Annuities

The recent explosion in the number of media outlets has made it harder to find objective reporting. We often remind clients of this because amid this bombardment of mass media, it’s likely they’ll come across information about annuities that has a negative “spin.” Read this report to understand what you need to know to sort...

Real Life Challenges – Resetting Your Retirement

Retirement can be the most rewarding phase of your life, but to make the most of it, you’ll need reliable income you can count on.  This report covers important information you need to know to achieve the retirement you’ve always envisioned.

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